Post-Thanksgiving Dilemma

Sure, I let myself off the primal hook for a day to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, but now I’m faced with another problem: what do I do with all these leftovers? How does one reconcile the need to get back on track, while not wasting the food I was so thankful for? I did well to primalize parts of the meals, but carbs got the best of it. The turkey was from a small local farm, unsweetened red cabbage, no brown sugar in the buttercup squash… but there were also chips and dip, crackers and easy-cheese, pigs in a blanket, rolls and pies!

Hell, it was Thanksgiving and I loved it all. No regrets, but there are always leftovers, and they’re stuck in my fridge. Game plan time. I do love rolls, so they went into the freezer to save for special meals later. I can easily avoid the stuffing (not my thing). We tossed the extra chips and cheese, but kept the Triscuits (we love those). The pies however… they’re another story. We can’t give the rest away because no one wants half eaten presents, but I don’t want to finish them off myself. Maybe we’ll just take the pumpkin cheese cake and apple pie with vanilla ice cream, small pieces at a time   :(:)

Moving forward though, I’d like to dial down the consumption across the board, even primal eating. As it get colder and food is no longer naturally abundant nearby, we’re meant to instinctively less and less, sticking to broths, a few tubers, fats and some cured meats. Modern agriculture makes this obsolete, so I’ll need to be extra crafty in the colder months to keep this up.

At least until Christmas; the other winter bump in the road.


About Primal Pig

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.” -Hippocrates I'm 28 years old, living in Boston. I studied international business and culinary arts. I try to incorporate my experience abroad, nutritional research and ancient culinary traditions in my life. I'm not trying to change the world, but I'm taking charge of how I make my way through. Interested in paleo / primal living, or just tired of convention wisdom? Go ahead and question away.. many people don't have enough questions! Too many "whatever you say" answers, accepting "experts" regurgitated "knowledge". If you're curious about other nutritional / lifestyle options, let me know. If I don't know exactly what you need, I can at least point you in the right direction.
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2 Responses to Post-Thanksgiving Dilemma

  1. Jim Hebel says:

    I was researching IF on WordPress and came across your blog. I enjoyed reading through it and just wanted to wish you well on your newest endeavor – Paleo Lifestyle. Although not strictly a Paleo guy myself, I have been greatly influenced by their lifestyle and read many of the same blogs you’ve listed. I do enjoy (and have found great success) doing IF. Easiest fat loss program I’ve ever been on. I’ll keep checking in on you from time to time just to see how your doing. Here’s hoping for great success.

    • Primal Pig says:

      Hey Jim, thanks for the comment and encouragement. IF was indeed a blessing. It just made so much sense to me when I first heard of it.. and oddly enough it was almost as easy to implement as it sounded. After the first few days, my hunger pangs went away.

      Now, I mainly stick to a small piece of fruit or an egg (along with tea or coffee), during the day and have a healthy, hearty meal at night, which is usually salad, eggs and/or meat, lots of greens, followed by fishoil, Vit D and mint tea. And because I’m in a semi-fasted state each evening, I do reserve the option to have the occasional grains instead of lots of fats, and do so with little to no problems afterwards.

      Again, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to have more interesting material in the future. Good luck to you as well.


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