Primal Guidelines

Eating strictly Paleo or Primal can be confusing when it comes to certain grey topics, but here’s a general breakdown of how I approach Primal Living:

  1. Eat plenty of meat (incl. offal and broth), vegetables, eggs, healthy fats, and limited fruits, dairy and nuts AT HOME – the fool-proof plan to control is to cooking at home
  2. Quality Matters: when financially practical, eating organic and/or pasture-raised is crucial – while it’s hard to see the immediate impact of processed, industrial “food”, long-term health risks are numerous and ever-growing
  3. Ban on HFCS, Gluten (and most other grains), Grain “vegetable” Oils and other industrial food stuffs
  4. Very limited consumption of dairy (excluding cream, butter and occasional yogurt) white rice and tubers
  5. Fish Oil (I don’t eat enough fish), Vitamin D and Natural Probiotics (sauerkraut, yogurt)
  6. Get plenty of SLEEP – often under-appreciated, but 7-8 hours nightly helps maximize GH, bodily detox and cortisol levels… plus it blunts my food cravings. Tips: Stop eating by 8pm and try books over electronics at night!
  7. Play Outdoors: trying to stay away from the gym (sterile smell, monthly fees and NO SUN!!) – at least once weekly sprinting,  2x weekly heavy lifting and plenty of leisure walks, hikes, cycling and sport

K.I.S.S. is the best policy for success!


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